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When WDSI moved to a totally new facility in Carlsbad, it changed a lot more than locations. The move included the purchase of new equipment and a new communications infrastructure resulting in a high-tech, 100% wireless data center. We have always had a commitment to technology, community banking and direct mail. Part of that commitment is ensuring that we have state-of-the-art equipment.

We currently process nine community banks in New Mexico and California. Cumulatively, the data center processes over $1 billion in assets, but years of success have it looking to add more. We are doubling our existing capacity to accommodate more banks. We have everything in place to facilitate our growth.

Keeping with its commitment to provide a total solution, we also have a direct mail marketing center. We can send our targeted, personalized letters that are CASS certified in postal code order with multiple inserts by complete automated letter processing. This service generally costs the same price as a stamp, but includes all the materials and labor involved in the mailing. The customer does nothing but send us the file. The burden of letterhead, postage, and inserts is all taken care of by us.






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