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Welcome to the Electronic Data Processing Division of Western Data Services, Inc. We have made every effort to build up a state of the art infrastructure to support the demanding regulatory and performance issues with today's financial institutions.

We offer a wide variety of data processing services - each designed for an individual customer.

Utilizing the newest technological advances in wireless communication, virtual private network and thin-client technology WDSI is truly on the edge of technology.

Every banks strategy is unique.  Not all of WDSI's customers use its solutions the same way.  Some banks require different technology to suit their automation strategies, and banks using the same technology often use it differently.  "Every bank has unique and special needs," Mark Brewer, Executive Vice President, promptly acknowledges.  "That's why whether it's an ATM vendor, teller system, or an accounts payable interface, we customize a solution for them."

Why Partner with Western Data Services Inc.
There are numerous reasons, which makes WDSI the wise choice for today's financial Institutions.  The impact of our commitment on clients is tangible: enhanced operational efficiencies, increased profitability, optimization of marketing opportunities and growing customer satisfaction levels.  The unique professional backgrounds of WDSI's Executive and Middle management teams combine data processing and technological expertise with recent financial institution management experience.  WDSI has been in your seat, and has successfully and profitably managed institutions just like yours for over 25 years.

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Data Processing Center
513 N. Canal St.
Carlsbad, NM 88220
fax 575.628.8917

edp@wdsi.net directmail@wdsi.net

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 423
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